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Tom Kronenburg Tom.Kronenburg at zenc.nl
Mon Jun 18 14:06:40 BST 2012

Dear Marc,

Thanks for your feedback. I have included a small introduction to the survey and carried out some improvements proposed by you.

Dear Visitor,

The ePSIplatform team is collecting feedback! We’d like to know how our users think about the platform. Are we doing the right things? Or should we be doing things differently?

We would therefore like to invite you to fill out the survey below, it will take you only a couple minutes, and would be very valuable to us. It could further improve our services, which should be beneficial to you!

Naturally, your personal information will not be shared with anyone. We will publish the answers given by you and many others as open data on our site.

Thanks for taking the time to help us!
The ePSIplatform Team!

However, I have not made a full document outlining procedure, privacy policy etc. The goal we collectively set was to create a very small, lean and mean questionnaire that we should put in our website. I have wrote a proposal for the questions, not for a procedural document to send to the commission.

For your convenience however:

The questionnaire is directed towards epsiplatform's visitors. They will see a pop-up, and we will also make a news item about it. We will tweet about it and revisit the questionnaire in the news-stream. It will be carried out in a drupal tool (site specific) or with the aid of Surveymonkey. The usuability of the tool is paramount, therefore we do not need to instruct people.

I agree that a prize would be great to drive up the response rate. However, in our limited funds, is that really wise to do? Also, it could mean we get more developers/activists because civil servants, data holders etc tend to not need a travel cost reimbursement. I'm not sure we really want to include such a bias, especially since we're catering to those groups on a broad basis as well.

We will report a very short, quantitative analysis to the EC, and supply them with the Raw data. We will use the questionnaire more extensively in the Tech Report.

Kind regards, Tom

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