[epsi-coord] some thoughts on the conference 2013

Daniel Dietrich daniel.dietrich at okfn.org
Fri Nov 16 14:18:44 GMT 2012

Looking at the conference 2013 planning document in the dropbox, I am responsible for:

1. Track C: Open Data in Poland: the state of play

I think I will need to catch up with our Polish partners to come up with some good suggestions here. 

2. Track H: Licensing of Open Data: Creative Commons, own or none... what is needed? 

I am responsable for 

a. "Dialogue between Dutch – Germany/France"
What is this? DO we aim to invite high-level gov officials to talk about their licensing models? If so this needs good prep and I would suggest to also include some licensing expert as moderator. Maybe someone from OD advisory council?

b. "European policy centre of CC in Berlin, Daniel knows them well"

What is this? I did not even know that CC has a "European policy centre in Berlin". Please advice.

3. Track I: Crisis and open data: a show stopper or accelerator?

I will think about a short abstract for this and then chat with Prodromos. This makes me think if we should come up with a one paragraph description for each plenary and session so we can establish common understanding what the sessions actually aim for, rather than having only a title? This might also help to brief the moderators and speakers. What do you think?

4. Plenary 2

As talked today I would suggest turning this into:

10x 2 min Country updates + 
Keynote: Conclusions and outlook for 2013 

Also: If we wish to connect this with the open data day this should also be reflected somehow in the conference day itself. Is this maybe an item to add to plenary 2?

Also: shouldn't we put a preliminary website up and move "conference 2012" to the submenu?

All best

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