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Hans Graux hans.graux at timelex.eu
Mon Nov 19 12:04:33 GMT 2012

I’ve been in the same situation a few years ago, and it’s at those time
that you really appreciate the advances in car security. Still, take it
easy for a while; you always end up stressed out, even if there is no
physical harm.

Also, on a purely practical note, if I remember the call from Friday
correctly we weren’t having a call this afternoon yet, so that should be

Take care,


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Jesus, sterkte! Fijn dat het met jullie goed gaat...

Op 19 nov. 2012 om 12:56 heeft "Ton Zijlstra" <ton.zijlstra at gmail.com> het
volgende geschreven:

Hi guys,

I will not be able to attend the conf call today. Yesterday afternoon I
crashed the car in Germany, after getting into a spin due to a slippery
road on the on-ramp of the Autobahn. We crashed sideways into the railing
in the middle of the road, pointing in the wrong direction. As we were on
the on-ramp we didn't have a lot of speed thankfully.  Elmine and I are
both ok, luckily. The car is probably a total loss, which is probably a
good thing as it means the construction kept us safe.

This afternoon I have to deal with insurance, getting the car back to the
Netherlands, and sorting paper work with the police etc.

I'm a bit shaken and stirred, but otherwise ok.


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