[epsi-coord] ePSI Helsinki Sectoral Workshop Transport Data - draft Manifest

Marc de Vries info at devriesmarc.nl
Mon Oct 1 18:11:34 BST 2012

Dear participants to the ePSI Helsinki Sectoral Workshop on Transport Data,


First and foremost, on behalf of the ePSI team, I would like to thank you
very much for your participation and valuable contribution to the ePSI
Helsinki Sectoral Workshop on Transport Data. My colleagues and I were truly
amazed by the amount of positive energy and the work you can get done with a
group of dedicated people sharing a common interest. If you would like to
relive some of the moments, please have a look at the nice footages here:
<http://epsiplatform.eu/transport> http://epsiplatform.eu/transport


As promised - and slightly delayed, these things always consume more time
than one hopes - I have prepared the draft Manifest which you will find
attached. As you will see, I have tried to capture and highlight the
potential at hand, the obstacles and accordingly allocating the
responsibilities to meet these challenges to the appropriate stakeholders.
As such, the manifest seeks to stimulate dialogue between stakeholders by
identifying transport data specific issues, that are hampering the free flow
of the Open Data across Europe. 


For reasons of clarity: my basis for drafting this report has been the
reporting done by the subgroup moderators. It is, therefore, a Manifest
drafted by the ePSI Platform, based on input from over 30 individuals. In
this context, I have also inserted a kind of 'disclaimer' (see Annex 1):
"Since the (author of the) Manifest has sought to capture and summarize all
views expressed, consequently it does not necessarily represent the opinions
and positions of the individual participants. It is rather a structured mash
up, demonstrating the richness of the debate, mirroring the various
interests and perspectives associated." 


As agreed, I would very much appreciate your input, in case you think I
forgot or misunderstood things. If you could submit eventual comments - in
the form of concrete text suggestions, using the revision mode - by coming
Friday 5 October 2012, that will allow me to finalize the document in the
course of next week and widely publish it, where, of course, I would very
much appreciate your help me once more by sharing it with your networks.


In case you have any further questions, please let me know.


Kind regards, also on behalf of the rest of the ePSI team 


Marc de Vries

+31 653897002


PS: I have sent this document out using the Blind Copy Mode.

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