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Tom Kronenburg T.Kronenburg at pblq.nl
Tue Sep 11 20:38:15 BST 2012

I agree, as long as it would come out of the budget for the conferences.



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Onderwerp: RE: Video ePSIplatform workshop

As the EC will not be present at our Helsinki Workshop and knowing that they consider it important, and as we have the unprecedented opportunity of having a great camera woman around in Helsinki that could cover the story, I took the liberty of requesting Elmine – remember, the one that produced the great Rotterdam footage – for a quote to cover the Workshop by video.

Basically, it would cost us 450 ex VAT and we would get coverage of the intro session and a compilation of the break outs and wrap up. I think it fits our budget and is worth every penny. Elmine will be in Helsinki anyway, and she was a good sport not charging her travels!

I would very much appreciate if you could let me know whether you would approve this. If you could reply by tomorrow night that would be highly appreciated.

Reg. M.

PS: as you all (except Hans) will be there, please find attached the confirmation and conceptual document for this Workshop.
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