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Tom Kronenburg T.Kronenburg at pblq.nl
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Lady, gents,

 *   Most comments are on the indicator questions. We had agreed not to change them anymore. Also, we have not heard many negative things from our civil readers (they are happy with the questions). So we need to discuss what to do with these issues. I have no clue whether or not the EC can sign off on them? Do we need to have an explicit OK from all member states?

 *   Italy said: Since the European eGovernment Action Plan regarding para 2.1.3 states “Member States will agree on a common set pf PSI re-use indicators” it’s not really clear how  Member States should not be considered somehowaccountable for these issues. 1) do we know this plan, and b) is this the deliverable (scoreboard) that is used to facilitate this action/agreement? @Ton: would you discuss with EC?

 *   Juan's remarks are copied out of the (I guess) Spanish remarks. Not a single letter changed. Still, I think the procedure is followed more or less correctly for this.

 *   A number of remarks are about the 'double' indicators in category 6 and 7: I.e. 50 points for 3 events, 30 more for a total of 6 or more events (total), 20 more points for 12 or more events(total) . Spain, UK want to make those just one indicator. I have no objection, but would diminish the number of indicators.

 *   A very interesting one was about reports published: spain suggested to create an indicator that counts 'state-sponsored' research/publications into open data. We could add that (although at high cost). I can not promise to deliver before end of October.

I could not read the e-mail message that was also attached. @Ton: Can you?


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Onderwerp: Fwd: PSI scoreboard - revision

Hi all,

Katalin sent me the feedback on the PSI Scoreboard Friday afternoon. See attached responses. I haven't had time to look at them properly, just read through the French response. It seems a constructive criticism on how to make the scoreboard more balanced and robust.

the other repsonses I haven't looked at. What irks me is that these responses seem to be from April. Juan never bothered to send them to us. Petty, as this takes 6 months out of our response, as well as doing it right.

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Ton Zijlstra

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From: <Katalin.IMREI at ec.europa.eu<mailto:Katalin.IMREI at ec.europa.eu>>
Date: Fri, Sep 21, 2012 at 3:03 PM
Subject: PSI scoreboard - revision
To: ton.zijlstra at gmail.com<mailto:ton.zijlstra at gmail.com>
Cc: Szymon.LEWANDOWSKI at ec.europa.eu<mailto:Szymon.LEWANDOWSKI at ec.europa.eu>

Dear Ton,

As promised, I am sending you hereby attached a revised version of the PSI scoreboard that takes into account the Member States' comments.
The revision has been made by Juan and he asked me to pass the following message on to you:

"What should be made clear is that the following approach ought to be followed:

1.      Definition and agreement of the indicators
2.      Landscaping of information needed to calculate the indicators (consultation to MS if the sources and so on  are correct)
3.      Measurement of the  different indicators by the consultants (ePSIplatform in this case) and the EC
4.      Validation of the results by the MS in order to identify possible errors (e.g. due to language misunderstandings)
5.       Publication of the results"

We have checked the Member States' comments and the revised version of the scoreboard as it stands now with Szymon and think that maybe the returning request of weighting the various indicators could also be taken on board somehow.

Please note that the attached revised version is meant to be a basis which you can further update and refine as needed.
As you will see, I have also attached all the comments which we have received from Member States (UK, Italy, France, Spain and Ireland).

We can maybe discuss during our phone call next Tuesday how we proceed with the scoreboard.

I wish you a nice weekend.
Best regards,

Katalin IMREI
Policy Officer

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