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Ton Zijlstra ton.zijlstra at gmail.com
Fri Feb 22 21:48:00 GMT 2013

Hi all,

that was fun! Thank you for a great ePSIplatform conference! It was a
blast, and the feedback we got from both civic activists, commercial
parties and civil servants is very positive.

We, and more precisely Marc and his helpers, have done a great job today!

We as a team have done a great job the past 2 years. When during the
closing session I announced a new team would be taking over, that resulted
in many people asking worriedly if we would also quit being active in open
data. I reassured them we had been active in this area well
before ePSIplatform and will be just as much after 1 March.

Daniel, I understand that after your little birthday break in the blue
lagoon on Iceland, you will be visiting the Netherlands on several
I would like to suggest, as has Tom today, we meet up as a team for a final
dinner very soon. I guess there might be a little budget left over to cover
for that, and otherwise it's my treat.

Tom, Marc, Hans, Katleen, Daniel, let's meet-up soon, and toast to the work
we did since early 2011. It's been a real pleasure to work with you, and  I
am sure we will work together after ePSIplatform as well.

you're all open data heroes. Not because I say so, but because today's
participants said so.


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Ton Zijlstra

ton at tonzijlstra.eu


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