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Hans Graux hans.graux at timelex.eu
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Hi Ton,

I have most of them from my sessions, but at least two people brought their
presentations on the day itself. Just to be clear when asking for them:
this is for publication on the website, right? Just to make sure we get the
right permissions. J

I’ll likely miss this afternoon’s call, so just to cover the main points:
congrats on the excellent work to the entire team, and if possible I would
be available next week on the 4th and 5th, at least in the evenings.



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Hi all,

I hope you all had a pleasant trip back from Warsaw (or the blue lagoon in
Iceland as may be the case ;) Hope you had a great little trip with the
family Daniel, and a beautiful birthday party)

Although still totally tired from all the activities, I am not starting the
last race to get everything finished by the end of the week. More on that
during today's conference call I think.

For now I have one question: gathering the presentations from the

Do you (as moderators) have the presentations for the panels you were
involved in? If so, please mail them to me. If not please mail your
speakers today asking for the slides (either the file or the link where
they published it themselves)

Could you mail the moderators of the panel you were responsible for to ask
about the presentations? Should the moderator not have them, please mail
the speakers directly to get them.




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