[epsi-coord] gratitude for your work

Przemek Pałka pjpalka at gmail.com
Tue Feb 26 11:22:46 GMT 2013

Oh guys!
Thank you very much!
I am truly, truly moved right now.
Your gift is possibly the coolest thing I every got! I hope you know
you totally did not need to give me anything money-related, but on the
same time I will not pretend that I am not happy. I will choose sth
special and let know - and I hope maybe we will meet there again.
But it is the words of your friendship that I find of most value. I'm
really happy I met you and I really enjoyed the time we spent
For from our point of view, as I already told Marc, this Conference
was definitely the best event I ever took part in at Warsaw
University. I am proud I could present myself and my Association as
its co-organizers. My work here was merely executive and
local-knowledge-related, but you ability to get all those people
together and plan whole thing is still astonishing for me. I am happy
I could do it for you and for the event.
I definitely will visit you when I am around and at the same time - I
warmly invite you to Warsaw or Gliwice whenever you feel like coming,
to stay at my place or to see the city.
I enjoyed the evening too, maybe even enjoyed it too much and got a
bit, hmm, reflective the next day - I hope you it did not bother you.
Next time you are here I hope I will not be leaving the very next
Once again - thank you very much for your help, for your work and good
feeling and for the gift - its amazing
thing to be given :D
I wish all the best!

2013/2/26 Marc de Vries <info at devriesmarc.nl>:
> Dear Przemek,
> Your help in organising the 2013 ePSI Conference has been of unprecedented
> value both to us and the participants.
> The document attached aims to express our feelings of deep gratitude.
> Kind regards,
> On behalf of the ePSI team,
> Marc

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