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The print version of the "Iberoamerican Data Journalism Handbook" was
launched this morning in Santiago, Chile.
This handbook is a massive collaborative effort by volunteers, started by
Poderomedia (thanks to Hivos International and ICFJ).
Written by over 40 journalists from 35 newsrooms and civic organizations
from 16 countries, the Handbook focuses on local experiences from Mexico to
Chile, including Portugal and Spain, and by doing so it shows how
different, harder, easier, safer or more dangerous is to do Data
Journalism, depending on the country you are in.
The Handbook is in Spanish and it`s free of charge. You can read a online
version at http://manual.periodismodedatos.org and in the next days you
will find a ebook version in the site too. We also have printed copies of
the book for free but you need to pay for shipping :)
So if you, your newsroom, J-School, university library or civic
organizations would really appreciate having a copy, please let me know off
list or write to team em poderopedia.com with subject: I want the Handbook.
Tell us if it`s for you or for your organization.

Miguel Paz @miguelpaz
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PoderomediaAcademy #PAcademy - Manual Periodismo de Datos @periodismodata
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