[EU-lobby-data] notes of today's call

Timo Lange timo.lange at lobbycontrol.de
Thu Nov 1 11:38:30 UTC 2012

Notes Conference Call 2012-11-01

1) MoU with TTC will be signed and send back to them on 2 November.

2) There are a couple of open questions we have to address/ decide:

a) What classification system do we want to use for industry sectors?
We could use the opensecrets.org-system which is based on a UN
classification system

b) Name normalization is still a big issue. Erik will address this with
Friedrich again. It’s really essential to solve this question ASAP.

c) Abbreviations are also a big issue. All abbreviations in the client
lists of lobby firms need to be spelled out. We should prioritise
clients of lobby firms and companies.

4) Erik will put a document concerning structure on google.docs

5) Olivier talked to Ester about blog stories. Real work can only start
when we can use the ranking function properly. Stories: Biggest
spenders, how many lobbyists and how many industry lobbyists, sector
specific (tobacco story), ...

6) We should start with tagging the tobacco lobby.

7) Olivier will talk to Vredes something (a defense critcal group in the
Netherlands) asking them to help with tagging the defense lobby

8) Helen will produce an outreach plan by next week

Next call Nov 6, 9.30 a.m.

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