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Erik Wesselius erik at corporateeurope.org
Wed Sep 19 08:27:27 UTC 2012

On 19/09/12 09:02, Friedrich Lindenberg wrote:
> A person called Eddan Katz has asked to sign up to the mailing list.
> Do you guys know him?
> - Fr.
Hi Friedrich,

I don't think we know Eddan Katz. According to his LinkedIn profile
<https://www.linkedin.com/in/eddankatz>, he has been board member of
EDRI and International Affairs Director of the Electronic Frontier
Foundation and also has his own website (motto: "prolegomena to the
future of access to knowledge").

I will send him a short note that this is an internal list that we use
to prepare our European "opensecrets" website.

To avoid such requests, at CEO we normally make mailman lists
"invisible". You can do so via the privacy options. Advertise this list
when people ask what lists are on this machine? *NO*

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