[EU-lobby-data] conference call Wednesday 26 September 15 o'clock

Olivier Hoedeman olivier at corporateeurope.org
Wed Sep 19 09:42:34 UTC 2012

Thanks to all of you for filling in the doodle! The soonest option for 
the call is Wednesday 26 September 15 o'clock, so let's go for that. In 
the meantime Erik and Timo will try to finalise the deal with the 
web-designers (tacticaltech) and I will look for a venue in EU quarter 
for the launch event on December 4th (perhaps in the Residence Palace). 
I'll also try to to put together a draft list of all the tasks we need 
to complete before the launch, so we can divide the work and set 

To refresh your memory, here's the document with our priorities for the 
website (first version): 

And here's a test version of the website from earlier this year: 
http://lobbydemo.pudo.org/ (NB: data not updated)

friendly greetings


On 09/18/2012 06:15 PM, Olivier Hoedeman wrote:
> Dear friends, I've redone the doodle with more days and times, would 
> be great if you could fill in a.s.a.p.: 
> http://www.doodle.com/afnpctsztsaicak47bv7a8r2/admin#table
> ciao
> Olivier
> On 09/18/2012 05:38 PM, Olivier Hoedeman wrote:
>> Dear friends,
>> Erik and I would like to discuss having our next conference call on 
>> Monday 24th or Tuesday 25th. Here's a doodle to see if that works for 
>> everyone: http://www.doodle.com/afnpctsztsaicak4#table
>> One of the things to discuss is the launch event and a plan of action 
>> between now and the launch. The launch-date-doodle pointed to first 
>> week of December as the best week for the launch; within that week 
>> Tuesday 4th of December appears as the best day.
>> friendly greetings
>> Olivier
>> On 09/13/2012 05:37 PM, Olivier Hoedeman wrote:
>>> Dear friends,
>>> as discussed with most of you, I'd like to propose that we set a 
>>> date for launching the first version of the new website - and that 
>>> we do this with a press conference and a one-day (or half-day) 
>>> workshop for journalists how to use the website (and perhaps other 
>>> research tools) to throw light on lobbying in Brussels. This kind of 
>>> workshop is something CEO has on its to-do list for the next months 
>>> and combining it with the launch of the website would be ideal. The 
>>> ideal timing would be last week of November or first week of 
>>> December; that way we still have eight-nine weeks to get the website 
>>> (first version, to be improved and expanded later) done. The two 
>>> weeks are in principle good for journalists as these are not 
>>> 'Strasbourg weeks'.
>>> I've set up a doodle to identify the ideal date for this event, so 
>>> please check your (organisational) calendars and fill it in within 
>>> the next days:
>>> http://www.doodle.com/e47p7gunn453uks5
>>> As soon as we have determined the launch date we can put together a 
>>> plan of action of what needs to happen by when to get the website 
>>> ready.
>>> friendly greetings
>>> Olivier
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