[euopendata] Study says charge for public data...

Peter Krantz peter.krantz at gmail.com
Thu Jan 13 10:20:37 GMT 2011


"The authors conclude that in times of tight budgets, the optimal
policy may be to charge for commercial reuse at reasonable rates
designed to cover the cost of the added value. This policy rightfully
shifts a share of the costs of producing PSI from taxpayers to those
who obtain a commercial benefit from using it outside its primary
purpose. Significantly, this approach would not diminish the overall
economic equilibrium of PSI reuse. For non-commercial reuse, setting
rates equal to the marginal cost of making the information available
would be optimal in most cases, as the willingness to pay for this
type of reuse is generally low. The study did not specifically address
the case where public entities competes with private operators and/or
are required to self-finance part of its budget."

European Commission tweeted this with the hashtag #opendata:



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