[euopendata] The Stockholm Principles for Governmental Transparency Reporting on Net Freedom

Peter Krantz peter at peterkrantz.se
Thu Apr 19 14:03:24 BST 2012

Dear all,

Yesterday an initiative for governmental transparency reporting on net
freedom was launched. We propose that governments report on
legislation in their country that surveils and restricts access,
content, or communication on the Internet. The way a government
regulates and surveil the Internet matters a lot to its citizens, but
is often opaque and hard to follow. The laws themselves may be clear,
but the extent to which these laws are applied is harder to evaluate.

By setting up basic criteria for this type of reporting we hope it
will become less difficult to compare how governments regulate
internet access.

The basic principles are described here:
http://stockholmprinciples.org/ with background and more details here:

We hope that the principles will be discussed and improved and that
governments are willing to engage in increased transparency.

I would be grateful for your input in the comments section on the website.


Peter Krantz

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