[okf-coord] v1.2 of okf website released yesterday

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Wed Apr 27 08:49:32 UTC 2005


major: work for v1.2 (summary: lots of typo etc correction + okforums 
   * checked all pages on site for typos and grammar
   * drug_patents.html: correcting html (didn't compile) and tiny 
grammar change
   * ok_trail/index.html: correcting html (didn't compile)
   * okforums/*: new okforums section to contain info about forums and extra
     * okforums/index.html: new index page with links to forum, little about
     section and link to mailing list
     * okforums/geodata/index.html: pulled stuff over from okfn wiki 
page and
     added follow up info and materials from forum (slides etc)
     * okforums/civic_info/index.html: just pulled stuff from okfn wiki page
   * okforums/geodata/geodata_forum_introduction.txt: moved from okf project
   okforums folder
   * site/index.xml: minor rewrite so text reads better (esp paras 1, 2) 
+ link
   to forums
   * template.html: remove creative commons image, remove entity references,
   added sidebar link to forums



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