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Good though looking at the list I am not sure this is that helpful for 
us most of our work (except for OKCON/Forums which could be put down as 
awareness raising) since we aren't working on access to medicines and 
the other item is more about awareness/campaigning (Both parts have 
Jamie Love written all over them -- for example CPTech just got renamed 
to Knowledge Ecology International).

BTW there is a useful little utility called: pdftotext which converts 
pdfs to plain text (and something called antiword for word ...).


Jonathan Gray wrote:
> Just for the record...
> I'll get on it ASAP.
> (Plain text of original PDF pasted below)
> J.
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> Dear all,
> Please find attached the Ford Foundation's International Intellectual
> Property Initiative Priorities for Funding for FY 08.
> Further information is available in the attached document.
> In case you need further clarification, please do not hesitate to
> contact us – iipi at fordfound.org <mailto:iipi at fordfound.org>.
> With best regards,
> Ana Toni & Suzanne Siskel
> IIPI Coordinators
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>       International Intellectual Property Initiative Priorities for Funding
>                                    (November 2007 – June 2008)
> Ford Foundation’s International Intellectual Property Initiative (IIPI)
> considers that IP regimes
> (IPR) should contribute to freedom and democracy for all countries and
> societies, by
> recognizing innovation and the right to access to knowledge and creative
> activities. IIPI aims
> to contribute to the development of more balanced IP regimes, which
> highlight the importance
> of the public interest, strengthen the public domain, respect the right
> to development and
> support the voices of frequently neglected stakeholders.
> Therefore, preference in this initiative will be given to proposals
> that: enhance (support) the
> potential for dialogue among different sectors and players; build
> institutional capacity,
> particularly in the global South; explore the public interest in related
> issues; strengthen the
> voice of excluded groups and communities; and encourage pluralistic and
> participatory
> governance and decision-making processes.
> The initiative will focus on the following thematic grant making priorities:
>       1. Knowledge Ecology – Production and Sharing, with the following
> objectives:
>               • To foster public awareness and critical analysis
> regarding knowledge regimes
>                   and the impact of IP regimes;
>               • To enable stakeholders such as authors, artists, academic
> institutions,
>                   indigenous people, students and consumers to deepen
> their understanding and
>                   explore common interests in IP´s related issues and to
> advocate effectively for
>                   their interests in national, regional and international
> policy arenas;
>               • To encourage (re)thinking IP policy alternatives and new
> business models
>                   which can foster and sustain a diverse and vibrant
> knowledge ecology.
>       2. Access to Medicine, with the following objectives:
>               • To improve analytical capacity to understand and/or
> gather evidence about
>                   the relationship between IPR and: innovation; medical
> research and
>                   development; and medicines pricing and distribution;
>               • To enable commonly forgotten stakeholders (such as
> consumers, people with
>                   illness, medical workers and students, women’s groups,
> human rights groups,
>                   etc) to deepen their understanding about the
> intersection of IP and Access to
>                   Medicine, promoting a more active participation of
> these stakeholders in
>                   national, regional and international IP policy arenas;
>               • To enable developing countries to explore flexibilities
> within the TRIPs
>                   Agreement and to support South-South and/or regional
> collaborations which
>                   enhance innovative ways to promote R&D and access to
> medicines in the global
>                   south.
> One can apply by sending a Letter of Inquiry, a Proposal (up to 15
> pages) and a budget as
> described below:
> (1) Letter of Inquiry, listing:
>        • Proponent’s name (and acronym if commonly used);
>        • Proponent’s address (and courier address if different);
>        • Web address, if any;
>        • Proponent’s main expertise (e.g. research, advocacy, capacity
> building, etc.);
>        • Project’s name;
>        • IIPI’s sub-theme(s) to which the project relates;
>        • Project’s period;
>        • Requested amount.
> (2) Proposal, including at least:
>        • Brief statement (two or three sentences) of the purpose and
> nature of the proposed
>            work;
>        • Links between the project and IP related issues;
>        • Links between the project and IIPI initiative goals and principles;
>        • Links between the theme and the proponent’s proposal activities,
> underlining reasons
>            why the proponent is qualified to undertake the project;
>        • Brief summary of proposed activities, deliverables and
> outcomes/impacts;
>        • Alliances and/or participatory networks in which the proponent
> is involved;
>        • Geographic area or country where the work will take place;
>        • Project’s beneficiaries (information about those who will be
> helped and are interested
>            in the work, and how the proponent will communicate with them);
>        • Dissemination/communications strategy for project deliverables
> and outcomes;
>        • Project’s chronology;
>        • Other funders supporting the submitted proposal;
>        • Amount of funding requested from FF and total cost (estimates
> are acceptable);
>        • Whether the proponent institution currently has or is applying
> for other funding from
>            the Ford Foundation whether for this or other activities. If
> so, please provide a very
>            brief description of current or requested grants and the name
> of the Foundation’s
>            responsible Program Officer.
> (3) Budget request in excel spreadsheet format.
> There is no maximum or minimum amount for the application.
> Proposals should be sent by email to iipi at fordfound.org no later than
> June 6th 2008.
> Assessment will start immediately.
> * Please note that, in general, projects implemented in countries where
> FF is presently not
> working will not be supported, unless they are submitted as part of a
> global or regional
> initiative.
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