[okfn-coord] Fwd: Forthcoming call for proposals CIP-ICT PSP-2009-3 (topic on "Open access to scientific information")

Jordan S Hatcher jordan at opencontentlawyer.com
Thu Dec 18 19:01:52 UTC 2008

VERY interesting.

Clearly there is a lot related to OKF here.  Any thoughts about  
specific projects?

My pet projects I'd like to see (ones I've been looking for homes for  
just generally):

-- an open content / data legal observatory much OSS Watch
-- project to look at the underlying IP law in all EU member states  
related to public domain, with (likely) specific focus on  
recommending a model law or approach to dedicating works to the  
public  domain (it's not clear that this is possible anywhere in  
Europe AFAIK)

The last of course fits with the PD calculators project.

(and of course any open data related projects)


On 18 Dec 2008, at 16:21, Jonathan Gray wrote:

> Sounds interesting.
> J.
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> From: RTD-SCIENTIFIC-PUBLICATION at ec.europa.eu
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> Sent: 18 December 2008 15:06
> Subject: Forthcoming call for proposals CIP-ICT PSP-2009-3 (topic  
> on "Open
> access to scientific information")
> Dear list members,
> This message is to inform you of a forthcoming call for proposals  
> PSP-2009-3) containing a topic on "Open access to scientific  
> information"
> (Objective 2.4).
> Complete information can be found at
> http://ec.europa.eu/information_society/activities/ict_psp/ 
> index_en.htm.
> This call will be published in the context of the Competitiveness and
> Innovation Framework programme (CIP), ICT Policy Support Programme  
> (PSP).
> The DRAFT 2009 ICT PSP Work programme can be consulted here:
> http://ec.europa.eu/information_society/activities/ict_psp/ 
> documents/ICT%20P
> SP%20WP2009%20-%20v21nov08.pdf.
> This DRAFT Work Programme 2009 is expected to be formally approved in
> January 2009, and Call for Proposals CIP-ICT PSP-2009-3 should open  
> from 29
> January till 2 June 2009 (to be confirmed).
> The Information Day for this Call will be held on Monday 26 January  
> 2009 in
> Brussels from 11:00 to 17:30.
> Draft agenda:
> http://ec.europa.eu/information_society/activities/ict_psp/ 
> documents/ict_psp
> _info_day_2009_call3_draft_agenda_v1.pdf
> Registration:
> http://ec.europa.eu/information_society/activities/ict_psp/ 
> register_to_atten
> d_event/index_en.htm
> Best regards,
> RTD Scientific Publications
> European Commission, Research Directorate-General
> Science, Economy and Society Directorate - Governance and Ethics Unit
> rtd-scientific-publication at ec.europa.eu
> http://ec.europa.eu/research/science-society/scientific_information
> ----------------------------------------------------
> Relevant excerpt from the DRAFT 2009 ICT PSP Work programme:
> "Objective 2.4: Open access to scientific information
> Funding instrument: Pilot B - It is intended to support several  
> actions.
> Focus and outcomes: Within the framework of the actions on scientific
> information initiated by the Communication on scientific  
> information in the
> digital age the objective is to improve the spread of European  
> research
> results. This objective is sought not only in the context of the  
> Digital
> Libraries Initiative, but also within the 7th Framework Programme for
> Research and Technological Development (FP7).
> The term "scientific/scholarly content" refers to the results of  
> scientists'
> or scholars' research work in the EU Member States or other countries
> participating in the programme, which in the traditional publishing  
> paradigm
> have been published as articles in learned journals, papers,  
> conference
> proceedings, monographs or books.
> In this context pilot B actions will be funded to carry out conclusive
> experiments with open access to digital libraries of scientific/ 
> scholarly
> content, including experiments exploring new paradigms for peer  
> reviewing,
> rendering, querying and linking scientific/scholarly content and
> (optionally) the related underlying datasets.
> Conditions and characteristics:
> - The quality and quantity of the digital content (and related  
> metadata) to
> be effectively contributed to the pilot by each content provider,  
> as well as
> the criteria for its selection, must be clearly identified. The  
> consortium
> and its members must ensure the necessary availability of the  
> content to be
> contributed to the pilot. In particular, the input content should  
> not depend
> on proprietary third-party rights or any other constraints, which  
> would
> limit its use for the execution of the pilot.
> - The consortium and its members must agree on the necessary  
> licensing or
> clearing arrangements for any Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)  
> arising
> from the pilot to ensure wider use and dissemination of the project  
> output.
> - The actual content should be accessible and retrievable at item  
> level.
> Projects dealing only with catalogues of content will not be  
> funded. The
> results of the pilot must be accessible by the target users beyond  
> the end
> of the pilot.
> - The consortium must include content providers. It should also  
> include or
> involve explicitly in the project different types of relevant  
> stakeholders,
> i.e. academic community, libraries, institutional repositories,  
> scientific
> publishers and the funding bodies.
> - The users, i.e. researchers, and their needs, also beyond the  
> consortium
> participants, must be clearly identified. Proposers must present an  
> analysis
> of demand based as much as possible on quantified evidence. The  
> users and
> their needs should also be at the centre of the proposed approach.
> - The issues addressed and the way to tackle them should have a  
> European
> dimension, i.e. they should impact on a large number of users in  
> the largest
> possible number of EU countries.
> - Proposers should demonstrate that the underlying content  
> constitutes the
> critical mass necessary to make a significant impact in terms of  
> increasing
> access and use in the concerned area or that the experiments  
> exploring new
> paradigms can have a considerable impact on the future development  
> of the
> scientific information area.
> - Specific and realistic quantified indicators should be provided  
> to measure
> the envisaged improvements in availability, access and use - at  
> different
> stages in the pilot lifetime.
> - A clear exploitation plan should be presented to ensure the  
> sustainability
> of the proposed solutions, i.e. their capability of developing and  
> surviving
> without Community funding after the end of the project. Sustainability
> comprises both economic and organisational aspects.
> - A clear dissemination plan should be established to ensure  
> optimal use of
> the pilot results, also beyond the participants in the pilot.
> Expected impact:  Open access to more scientific/scholarly content  
> and/or
> the development of new ways to
> review, render, query and link scientific/scholarly content.
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