[okfn-coord] OK2 planning catchup? less luck with speakers

Jo Walsh jo at vishnu.tridity.org
Mon Jan 14 14:48:01 UTC 2008

dear all,


I am having no luck with scheduled speakers for Transport/Environment. 
I have yet to hear back from Graham Stickler and will try him again in
case email got caught in the post-New-Year rush. 
Sean Gillies wrote back to say Pleiades weren't able to support his
travel expenses as he'd hoped. 
He suggested one of the organisers of LocWeb if we wanted another
archaeologist, but that didn't seem appropriate. (And as with Frank K's
suggestion of David Newbery, i didn't follow that up because it seems
better to have someone  more 'open' than more on-topic. 

I am beginning to feel stumped. Has anyone else contacted Tom Steinberg? 
I know they are doing transport visualisation work at MySociety, 
and it's likely he would have good contacts and suggestions. 
Otherwise I am not really sure where else to lok.

How is the rest of the programme looking generally - is there more
to add to the outline on the wiki page above? 
If a request-for-demos was sent out late last year it is likely that i
missed it :/ Is this worth another round? I'd like to help if poss,
aware that the date is 2 months away and a wide announce should be
going out 6 weeks or so before it...



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