[okfn-coord] Building Democracy submission

Jonathan Gray jonathan.gray at okfn.org
Wed Sep 3 17:03:29 UTC 2008

Thanks for your comments Rufus!

Wasn't sure whether to put "I" or "we", as was unclear as to whether 
entry was restricted to individuals (as has often been the case in the 
past with places we've taken WDMMG to) - fixed this!

Regarding "assistance" section - I think you're right. I've replaced 
what was there before with:

 > As described above, our focus is on analyzing and presenting data. 
Hence we need as much relevant data as possible to start with. Here we 
would hope that existing sources of such data, especially within 
Government, would be cooperative in assisting in us in this task.

 > We plan to use a variety of open-source tools, and while we do not 
require direct assistance in using these, we would appreciate advice 
from developers who have expertise in relevant areas.

Other than that do you think we're ready to shoot?

Also would it be worth blogging this, and the application on 'Show Us a 
Better Way'? As yet I don't think WDMMG has had any publicity - which 
would be useful for the competitions...


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