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Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
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Would anyone object if we sign-on to this copyright for creativity --
basically a call for greater support for limitations and exceptions in
copyright law ...


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Date: 21 April 2010 10:21
Subject: Copyright for Creativity - Confidential
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 Dear Rufus

(Please note I have been doing this with a non-BL hat on).

I wonder if OKF would sign to the attached declaration?

Any questions please let me know!

Kind regards

Ben White


Dear  Interest

Please find attached a declaration entitled "Copyright for Creativity"
which is currently confidential.  I am writing to ask whether your
organisation would sign, or if any like-minded organisation you have
close contact with will sign?

The declaration, and its backers, are intending to use the declaration
to try and transform perceptions and agendas around limitations and
exceptions. In the past L&Es have often been cast as detractors from
economic gain and creativity, and the declaration is attempting to
recast this impression and promote the fact the exceptions (permitted
acts)  just as much as the restricted acts are central to creativity.
The wording was crafted to try and maximise the possibility for
rightsholders as well as rights users to sign the declaration, and to
this end it is very interesting to be able to say that the first
signatory is the International Music Managers Forum  - others
signatories include IFLA, LIBER, EBLIDA, CCIA,  BEUC, ORG etc. Other
groups that will be targeted for signature over and above educational
groups include organisations such as EuroISPA, EBU, EDRI, WBU  as well
as other  "civil society"  and creator groups. That is to say anyone
who is interested to sign.

As you will see from the last paragraph, while this is aimed at the
European Union a firm eye on the Development Agenda has also been
kept. It is therefore also appropriate for organisations outside of
Europe to sign.

The intention is to launch the declaration  in March or April in
Brussels or Strasbourg.  This will be accompanied by a press campaign
and then further events in Brussels as well as other European cities.
At the moment the declaration is confidential but a website is being
prepared and material examples of the various principles will be put
onto the website. It was felt to be important that whereas the
principles are high level, that they needed to be backed up with real
live examples of the issues raised.

If you have any questions that are not answered in the FAQs please do
not hesitate to ask.

Kind regards

Ben White

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