[okfn-coord] URGENT: OKF 2008/2009 Accounts for Companies House

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Sat Feb 20 12:31:22 UTC 2010

Dear All,

Please find attached the accounts for Companies House (p.5 -- the
balance sheet -- is the only page that it is essential to look at for
CH). I have checked them and they appear to be fine (the balance sheet
corresponds exactly to the 08/09 BS in our accounts spreadsheet that
people perused on Tuesday).

In order to sign them off so I can send them back to the accountant
early enough for him to send to CH by 28th, please could people look
at these **asap and get back to me by Monday (or before).

Some points to note:

  * The list of Directors is wrong (it has not been updated from
previous year). I have already spoken with the accountant and this
will be corrected (in fact it seems for CH this does not matter as
they only require an abbreviated balance sheet).

  * As stated in the notes "turnover" in the P&L corresponds to
donations. This does not seem to be the best designation and we shall
aim to change this (if not possible in this set of accounts given the
timeline, at least in the future).

  * "Shareholder funds" still appears in the accounts. I have sought
to have this changed to "Accumulated Funds" as per discussion last



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Dear Rufus

I attach a copy of the accounts which will be in the post tonight.


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> Dear Mr Millen,
> I'm terribly sorry for the delay in getting the accounts to you since
> our conversation last week. However, the delay has not been for no
> purpose. As you should see from looking at the attached spreadsheet
> most of the work has been done. In particular sheet 2, named
> BS at EOY0809, is the Balance sheet for 08/09 already prepared and sheet
> 4 contains our annual profit and loss (obviously this 2nd item is only
> needed for the IR return which is not due until the end of May).
> As you may recall from our conversation the deadline for getting our
> annual accounts to companies house is the 28th of February (for the IR
> we have until the end of May). I do hope this is still feasible.
> Regards,
> Rufus Pollock
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