[foundation-board] Face-to-face meeting in August - doodle poll

Becky Hogge becky.hogge at gmail.com
Mon Jul 19 12:41:35 UTC 2010

Dear Board members

At the last meeting it was mooted that we arrange an f2f meetup in
August, to take stock of the work OKF has achieved this year and mark
out some future aspirations. Since we met here in Hinxton last year,
OKF has seen a significant increase in income to the organisation, and
has gotten some very high profile projects out of the door. The
network has grown and diversified, with chapters and meetings in
Scotland and Germany, and outreach far further afield. The pace at
which all this has been achieved has been remarkably rapid, and so I
think it makes sense to plot out/double-check our commitments and
resources, to take stock of any projected surplus and to match it to
projects we think could benefit from investment. Plus we can hopefully
drink some beer in the sunshine together.

I'm offering to host such a meeting in Hinxton again, which, for those
who didn't make it last year, is a fairly spacious venue which has
easyish links from Stansted, London and Cambridge. Rufus and I can, I
believe, both host people overnight in the area if they need.

I've set up a doodle pool to ascertain when such a meeting would be
most conveniently held for Board members. Please take a few minutes of
your time to fill it in:


We might also like to consider whether to invite any guests from the
wider network for part or all of the day to inform specific



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