[foundation-board] URGENT: Problems with a specific individual and OKF projects

Becky Hogge becky.hogge at gmail.com
Mon Nov 15 14:22:56 UTC 2010

On 15 November 2010 14:04, Jo Walsh <metazool at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 15/11/2010 12:16, Ian Brown wrote:
>> My only concern with your proposed course of action is whether it
>> gives any further credence to claims that OKF is secretive or
>> blocking debate. Given OKF's loose structure, is it accurate to
>> say that Paola is in no way part of an OKF 'community'?
>> Is she claiming (b) or (c)?
> I would share this concern. Blocking emails to lists seems provocative and
> extreme, I would *not* support this. If it seems important to make it clear
> that Paola is not running an OKF project or speaking for the Foundation, I
> wouldn't oppose it.

BTW, If Paola isn't running an OKF project, why is she able to post to
the coord list? I thought that was a list reserved for people running
OKF projects.
> Loose structure; one thing I see in the emails is a confusion of
> "Membership" and "community member", and I'd be wary of confusing the two.
> The revocation process outlined on governance page does not look as if it
> holds up, and would only apply if someone has claimed uppercase Membership
> of OKF as opposed to being a lowercase member of the community?

Good point. It looks to me like she has not registered as a member
(see http://okfn.org/members) unless she has a handle I don't know
> Why discuss on coord given your past concerns about alienating coord group
> members? Why not discuss this on the okfn-discuss list?

That seems like a good point.
> Accusations of fraud - OKF has nothing to fear from this, right?

It would be useful for the Board if you could itemise the accusations
Paola is making, Rufus, beyond the one I read in her email to Soren
that OKF is charging the European Commission for work already
completed by volunteers.



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