[foundation-board] URGENT: Problems with a specific individual and OKF projects

Jo Walsh metazool at gmail.com
Tue Nov 16 12:21:33 UTC 2010

On 16/11/2010 09:23, James Casbon wrote:
> Perhaps making sure all the minutes, accounts,
> etc are public is the best we can do to counter her accusations.


> Secondly, they made the decision that they
> would not take any project funding ...
> Of course, not taking money meant they were scrabbling about for
> donations to keep servers going - not an approach that the OKF would
> want to take if it is providing services.

Right, and OKF is doing great work for cheap with wide impact in paid 
projects, building a sustainable model to keep itself going and support 
good people, not spending time and money scrabbling around for 
donations. What is happening is working, and more public information 
about it would help allay any suspicion. Not just in this one rather 
strange case, but from other sources of discontent at the success OKF is 
having. OKF should be as spotless in its operations as it's possible to 
be. To step back from any perception of crisis, as Paula noted, [[this 
issue seems to go to the heart of organisation and its future]]

> Jo, you state that the 'cause of Paola's ongoing dissatisfaction' is
> the lack of transparency.  This seems a weak characterization of the
> her accusation of fraud.

I know :( The initial criticisms - as expressed quite clearly in Paola's 
response to Mark's report on project coordination
are one thing - the wild accusations of fraud are quite another :(.

 > Do you think, as her friend, you could ask her to
> tell you the fraud she thinks has taken place?  At least then we can
> actually deal with the claim.

I will ask.


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