[foundation-board] project coordinator role - just want to set down the reasons i'm unhappy about it.

Jo Walsh metazool at gmail.com
Fri Oct 1 18:13:49 UTC 2010

I've been mostly avoiding email this week, the subject lines have kind 
of flown by. I was surprised to see this publicly appear, so quickly, 
without agreement from the whole of the Foundation board.


You could call this meeting in the middle, if you were feeling very 
charitable. I have shut up about this because i see it as important to 
fix OKF's management problems immediately, and if i can't get any 
mindshare here i should back down rather than stall the process.
However there are still quite a few ways in which i'm unhappy about 
this. Why not write them down for a bit of posterity.

- I would have removed all the references to the Coordination Group - 
coord is an illusion that may be comforting to you, but is not to me.

- I would also remove the rhetoric about quarterly reports to the Board, 
etc. Makes it seem like OKF is a hierarchically run, centrally 
controlled, secretively managed organisation. Doesn't it?

- I think the list of skills etc at the end is at least half-irrelevant. 
Financial management, fundraising, etc should be in the hands of 
specialists or pure administrators. This raises my hackles, makes it 
look like this is a stealth hire of an ED.

- This is probably ego, but given the amount of energy i've put in to 
thinking about this, making task lists to try to assess priorities, 
needs-driven rather than role-driven planning etc, a phone call or a 
quick Skype message to me before posting online would have been polite?

Please tell me:
* What it is the rest of the board have agreed as a pay range for 
successful person
* Where there is a summary of how this is cost-justified, e.g. can we 
afford it and for how long.

In conclusion. I am seriously here. I have decided i am not going to 
flounce off over this. Because i want to be on the inside pissing out, 
and the outside pissing in, both at the same time. It might get splashy.

I should probably consider resigning as Coord Group chair, lest i get 
more voice-only accusations from Jonny and Rufus of causing or creating 
bad vibes, alienating people, saying tactless things on different lists.
I am sick both of being told not to write things down, and of hearing 
others being told not to write things down. I am not happy with the 
direction in which OKF is going generally. I don't think it's in the 
power of any one person to change that - not a project coordinator, not 
me - but watch me try. If i make you feel uncomfortable, remember that 
the reasons why are in your mind, not in mine.


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