[foundation-board] Knight grant contract

Martin Keegan martin at no.ucant.org
Tue Nov 22 12:31:58 UTC 2011


attached is a copy of the contract the Knight Foundation wants us to sign
for the Spending Stories project. 

6% of the value would go to a fiscal sponsor organisation called the Tides
Foundation (they are a US-based middleman Knight uses for grants to
non-US entities). There's some flexibility for modifying the deliverables
if they get overtaken by events or completed significantly under budget.
Last week Knight agreed in writing to let us vary the IP licensing terms
such that we can use the Affero GPL (under which OpenSpending is already
licensed) rather than the vanilla GPL, which they'll do in a side letter. 

Please have a look, and indicate whether you'd be happy for this to be
signed on behalf of OKF.


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