[foundation-board] Knight grant contract

Martin Keegan martin at no.ucant.org
Fri Nov 25 08:56:58 UTC 2011

On Tue, 22 Nov 2011, Becky Hogge wrote:

> >From this contract, it looks like the latter (from the final para "The
> $15,000 cost of the fiscal agency will come out of grant funds and has
> been added to the grant amount." Total grant is for $265,000). I'm

That's correct.

> happy for OKF to sign this, subject to satisfactory explanation of
> browser plugin issue James has raised.

The terms "browser plugin" and "embeddable widgets" result from a few
rounds of redrafting. I've spoken to and written to Knight to get them to
include a reference to this in the side letter, acknowledging how the
terms should fit together.


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