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Wed Aug 29 10:23:01 UTC 2012

efficiencies, and propose the following;
- we continue as planned and add a formal review at 3 and/or 6 month
intervals to assess if there are any issues
- that we co-create a public statement for the website(s) to ensure full
transparency (including stating the above review point)
- that we create a mechanism for me to abstain from any voting issues, or
discussions, that may be seen as conflicted
- that any significant stakeholders (beyond the board) be canvassed for
their opinions so we can address any questions up-front
- that transparency and communication are key to building and maintaining
trust: I encourage everyone to be open with their feedback

If there are issues we feel are too sensitive, we could simply defer the
appointment and review the situation in 6 months.
My objective is to ensure that both organisations maximise their potential
to collaborate, and achieve our common causes.
Right now I see potential benefits, not material conflict - and am
confident that we can navigate if such a situation were to arise.

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