[foundation-board] Agenda for board meeting, 20th March

Laura James laura.james at okfn.org
Tue Mar 13 19:15:51 UTC 2012

Revised agenda. (reordered to group similar items together)

1. Introductions and apologies
          Introduction of Marcus Dapp, new Foundation Coordinator (via
phone), as observer to board meeting
2. Approval of minutes from previous meeting (attached - both full notes
for reference, and redacted for publication version for approval)
3. Review of actions from last meeting
4. Review of management accounts (see documents previously circulated,
including Finances section of FC Report for narrative)

5. Discussion of staffing issues raised in FC Report
    (a) Discussion
    (b)  Review of request that FCs to be authorised to determine OKFN
policies around billed time, varied day rates for projects, expenses,
travel, and be authorised to enforce following of this policy
    (c) Review of request that Naomi Lillie to be given access to online
and phone banking to make payments

6. Discussion of strategic issues raised in FC report

7. Discussion of corporation tax situation and review of draft annual
accounts (draft accounts attached as "2011 account.pdf"; paper attached as
"OKFN Annual Accounts.pdf"). - LJ

8. Discussion of business risks raised in FC report

9. Brief update on selection of new legal advisor - LJ

10. Data.gov.uk <http://data.gov.uk/> update (in response to Will Waites

11. AOB

12. Close.
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