[foundation-board] Phone and meeting details for tomorrow's board meeting

Laura James laura.james at okfn.org
Mon Mar 19 21:44:09 UTC 2012

The meeting venue is the BFI is located at 21 Stephen St just off Tottenham
Court Road. If people meet in the foyer then Paula will come down and
collect you.

I expect Rufus, Becky, Jordan, Paula and Martin in person
I expect Marcus, James, myself on the phone
I have not heard from Ben.
Apologies were received from Stephen King.

Phone in:

Your chairperson PIN :  597078Your participant PIN :  133591Your
dial-in numbers :State   City    Dial-In NumberEngland         London
020 3398 3300For a full list of international access numbers, log in:
address:  sysadmin at okfn.orgPassword:       lewraiciajTo use the voice
service, you should tell your participants:   1. What time they should
join the call   2. Your allconferencecalls telephone number (Select
from our national or international dial-in numbers)   3. Your
participant PIN number   4. Making the Call:          * At the agreed
start time dial the allconferencecalls number (Select from our
national or international dial-in numbers)          * You will be
asked for your PIN number and then your name.          * If you are
the first person to arrive on the conference call you will hear music.
As others arrive on the call you will hear them being announced. The
conference call will only start when the Chairperson is present. When
everyone is ready, you can start talking!


Dr Laura James
Foundation Coordinator, Open Knowledge Foundation

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