[foundation-board] Actions and notes from Board meeting

Laura James laura.james at okfn.org
Thu Mar 22 11:46:18 UTC 2012

Please find the informal board notes for this meeting on the Board wiki.
board.okfn.org/BoardMeetings/2012-03-20  Draft minutes for publication are
also on that page at the top for review in the next board meeting.

Actions follow:
 * [RP]: add marcus to the board list & give relevant other access (such as
board wiki)
 * [JC]: check ganalytic coverage of Omidyar domains (39 sites registered
and counted for metrics)
 * [LJ]: google analytics numbers and other Omidyar metrics to be included
in future board reports
 * [RP] follow up with SK at Omidyar
 * [JH, LJ, RP] talk about board report tone & Omidyar contact, and future
invitations to board meeting as observer
 * [LJ] Separate future Board Report and Informal Management Report ;
current FC report to be reviewed before sending on to Omidyar w/JH/RP
 * [RP] Check that Paper statements are received going forward for all
 * [LJ] Ensure we have a paper filing system which meets our needs
 * [LJ] to look into risk around refiling VAT and any fines etc which may
fall out from this
 * [LJ] Explore payment and purchasing options to address various
challenges (not high priority)
 * [LJ] arrange bank access for Naomi, same payment limit as LJ, as long as
Laura and Naomi work closely together
 * [LJ & RP] Consider recommendations for management requirements
 * [LJ] take new questions to Lucrafts and respond back to board
 * [RP] Arrange removal of JH from bank account and any necessary



Dr Laura James
Foundation Coordinator, Open Knowledge Foundation

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