[foundation-board] Strategy process - a request

Becky Hogge becky.hogge at gmail.com
Wed Sep 12 14:10:39 UTC 2012

Hi all

It was great to see/hear you all last night, and especially fantastic
to welcome Gavin and Jane onto the Board.

A few of us went for pizza afterwards to continue the conversation,
and it got me thinking further about the strategy process.

At ORG we had a simple strategy document against which I, as ED, was
able to report to the Board each month. It contained a 12-month budget
and a set of about 12 key indicators against which I detailed the
organisation's performance that month. As well as tracking
performance, it also helped guide my decision making.

As an OKF Board member, I have longed for such a document, and I
believe it would also be of great value to the Executive team. While I
respect the more detailed process underway to recast OKF after a
period of significant transition, I find the closeness some of the
documents we were presented with last night to the sorts of budget/KPI
document I've wanted to see for some time absolutely tantalising.

I would like to propose that the Executive team be asked by the Board
to move quickly towards creating such a document, even if it is only
to act as an interim measure while more in-depth strategic work takes
place. I am ready to take advice from the Executive team on how
quickly the they could pull this off, but it looks to me like all the
thinking is already there, and it's just a matter of getting things
out the door. To emphasise - I'm talking about something lightweight,
perhaps only looking forward to the next 6 months, and not the
fulfilment of the wider strategy process underway.

What do others on the Board think?

Warm wishes


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