[foundation-board] Strategy process - a request

Gavin Starks gavin at dgen.net
Thu Sep 27 11:30:10 UTC 2012


I would like to re-enforce the ideas on this thread.

1) we need to define clear goals and priorities
2) once defined, creating a dashboard to track how we are performing
against them is a trivial exercise

We don't need a large, comprehensive strategy document, and I wonder if its
creation is actually introducing latency?
Remember, goals and priorities can be changed if they are not working, but
having them will help us progress and navigate.

My initial impression and reflection (which may be wrong) is that our teams
would benefit from clear direction: people who agree with the direction
will feel empowered and springboard from it, people who disagree will have
something tangible to question and flex against.

One question that may help frame our thinking:  How would you summarise our
strategy and 12-month objectives in 3 slides?
Assume that these slides will be shown to the board, our investors, our
team(s), and the general public. The shorter, the better.

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