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Laura James laura.james at okfn.org
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Just a heads-up that we will be launching our new website with our new
brand next week.

Our network has been involved in the brand development process especially
in the early stages as we explored what open knowledge meant to us all, and
over the last weeks we've been sharing the results with them through local
group and working group coordinators.  We've also got a wiki page with all
the information: http://wiki.okfn.org/About_the_Open_Knowledge_brand which
we'll update as more materials etc become available, and as we start to see
what the FAQ are (so we can answer them online as well as in email). So
news of the rebrand is already getting out...

Although as expected there are some negative responses (no brand narrative
or visuals will please all of our diverse network), we've also had some
really strong buy in from community leaders, such as:

*"I really like it!  :)   While my own approach to Open Knowledge is less
data-centric than most, this logo leaves itself open (as it were) to enough
interpretation to remain a great exemplar of Open Knowledge in all
its forms. And I am very pleased, even relieved, to see the round O form so
boldly embraced.  **I'm sure the process was challenging, but I know I'll
be proud to use it."  -- *from our Ambassador in the US.

We are not doing a highly rigid brand launch. The main okfn.org website
will update next week (this has been a priority because this site hasn't
done a great job of explaining open knowledge for some time and gets a lot
of criticism), and we'll gradually update other things (email sigs,
business cards, letterhead etc) in the coming weeks. We are also very aware
of community use of the brand. We will of course allow community use of the
logo just as we have done with the old logo, but we hope that by providing
stronger templates and tools we can all benefit from greater consistency in
our brand than in the past.  We will be creating templates and assets and
sharing these with the network as soon as we can, so we can benefit from a
shared strong brand that says who we are and what we do, and helps us
create more impact through open knowledge.

Do let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Our new
Communications Officer, Susanne Kendler, has a plan for how we'll handle
feedback about the brand, and our Network Director, Naomi Lillie, is
supporting with communications with our local groups and working groups.
They are both CCd here.

Best regards,



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