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Laura James laura.james at okfn.org
Wed May 14 18:51:37 UTC 2014

*From today - summaryLeadership EvolutionThe following statement is not
designed for public release, or for sharing with the Open Knowledge team,
but may be shared confidentially with key stakeholders.As we have evolved
our strategy over the last year we’ve seen a growing focus on advocacy,
policy, training and the international network. It is likely that
medium-term (12-36m) we will seek an executive director with the skills to
take Open Knowledge to the next level in these areas.This is likely to mean
a new hire because both Rufus and Laura know that someone with more
relevant experience will be much better placed to to manage and lead
day-to-day with this next phase of development, and to take the
organisation to new successes in the future.We want to make clear that both
of us will be continuing to contribute to the organisation both short and
medium-term as is needed and remain committed to the Open Knowledge vision,
and to supporting the new leadership as needed.  For Rufus in particular, a
key part of building the long-term sustainability of Open Knowledge is to
make sure we have a structure and competences that extend beyond one or two
key people. Over the last several years Rufus has been working hard to
develop that at the Open Knowledge. A key step was having Laura come on
board as CEO in 2013 and 2014.Rufus, as a founder of the organisation and a
huge contributor to the movement, will always be a key part of helping
shape the future. He will continue to be there to support Open Knowledge
and new leadership going forward in whatever ways are wanted (guidance,
support, fundraising, strategy etc).*
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