[foundation-board] Update on interim search

Karin Christiansen k.christiansen at party.coop
Wed Nov 5 10:11:04 UTC 2014

Thanks Tom. Much appreciated and accepted. Unless you Helen step forward!

In principle to I think there is a possibility that an interim could be permanent but in practice I think we are looking for a rather different skill set.

And yes, she can start straight away, which is great as it would allow for properly working with Laura. But she is not a permanent contender, not interested. Likes the turn arounds and sorting out the plumbing ;-). Not that we are a turn around!

If and when she and Rufus press play, let's you and I have a chat and I will hand over to you properly.

Might I suggest we absorb this into the search group in terms of further correspondence.

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Hats off to you high-networked individuals, sounds great progress.

Is there any sense the interim could feature as a perm contender or is the interim only and always an interim ? And available right away ?

I would volunteer to negotiate (I do volunteer) but feel that Helen you're a much more formidable than I ! What's our gut, assuming day rate, my guess is we're in the ?400-?600 hemisphere?


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On 5 Nov 2014, at 08:41, Karin Christiansen <k.christiansen at party.coop<mailto:k.christiansen at party.coop>> wrote:

Hi all

Just to let are progressing on the interim search...  And the draft role description is

Rufus and I meet with a possible interim General Manager yesterday.  She an experienced interim CEO and COO with a combination of for profit, not for profit and even a bit of tech. And in fact a former colleague and friends of mine who I was asking who to ask but somehow managed to catch her interest. Rufus is meeting her again on Thursday and the aim would be to finalise that by the weekend if we can.

If that doesn't work out we will need your help doing a push on this.  Rufus and I will finish of the role description this evening for forwarding around.

However if we take that forward, Rufus and I were wondering if someone else could do the salary negotiations. It doesn't feel appropriate for me,  and while Rufus is happy to he quite rightly points out it would frame his relationship with her, and it is really the Board's role.

Rufus, have I missed anything?


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