[foundation-board] Open Knowledge Advisory Council meeting - invitation to Board members to join

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Fri Feb 6 15:13:48 UTC 2015

The Advisory Council is planning to hold a call to discuss the role of the
Council of other matters (e.g. having more regular meetings etc).

There is a doodle poll for this meeting and members of the Board are warmly
invited to join (it may make sense for only Board member to join who can
then report back):


Context: The Advisory Council - https://okfn.org/about/advisory-council/ -
has been around for many years. It has never had regular meetings - it was
small and was a combination of the great  and the good and a few senior
people quite engaged in Open Knowledge.

Over the last few years the AC has grown and especially in the last year or
so when we decided to invited Chapter leads to join it. There has been some
discontent in the AC about lack of regular meetings. At the same time
no-one from AC has stepped forward to be a "Chair" and assist in making
this happen.

Laura and I spoke about this and always wanted to have a more active AC
(without imposing on those members who whilst supportive wanted to protect
their time). Laura joined the AC when she stepped out of her executive role
and has helpfully initiated a discussion in the last few weeks resulting in
the proposal for a meeting (see the email included below).


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Hi everyone,

Here's a doodle for a call to discuss the role of the Council and other


I'll send around a time next Tuesday.  I imagine a Google hangout is
probably best, unless anyone has an alternative call platform setup which
they think will work better.

I've also created a pad for the call; if you have ideas for agenda items
please do add them here:


Rufus, if you want to invite others (eg from the Board of Directors), I
imagine that would be welcome, so do pass the doodle link on if appropriate.

Best regards and look forward to speaking,

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