[geo-discuss] [rms at gnu.org: A suggestion for publicgeodata.org]

CrosbieFitch crosbie at digitalproductions.co.uk
Wed Apr 12 11:17:51 UTC 2006

If no restrictive grants apply to geo data, then owners of such IP have a
clear choice: If they wish to retain ownership (and exclusive control) over
their IP then plainly, they should not publish it. If they publish it, it
can only be to convey ownership (and collective control) of their IP to the
public. If they consider their IP valuable then I'd suggest they obtain
payment before publication/transferring ownership.

NB IP needs no grants except the fundamental right to privacy.

The public is interested in encouraging the publication of such IP, hence
patents, copyrights, etc.

Copyright is no longer much encouragement.

The cart before the horse is when owners of IP claim such encouragement as a
right, and that when it ceases in efficacy, must be compensated. Au
contraire. If copyright is no longer sufficiently encouraging, don't bloody
publish. Invite instead, purchase of your IP, like any other merchant
interested in realising the value of their property.

I'm afraid the only way you're going to re-assert the relationship between
private entities and the public, is to facilitate public collaboration in
this assertion. The public must assert their ownership of the IP that is
published to them, or purchased by them.

Unless of course,  you can miraculously persuade the representatives of the
people to return to representing them rather than their corporate
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