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Presently here in the State of Brandenburg and also within our city adminsitration we have to pay other public agencies or departments for their "already paid for" public information.

I hope the following initiative may bring us in the right direction ...

The State of Brandenburg just published its "Sollkonzept" for a spatial data infrastructure

With regard to the legal aspects of interagency exchange of spatial data just under a section on Inspire on page 19  they propose an "experimentation clause" to exchange information free of charge.
"R-3 Experimentierklausel
Im Rahmen des Aufbaus der Geodateninfrastruktur im Land Brandenburg sollen nutzerorientierte, internetfähige Preismodelle und Kooperationsformen gefunden werden. Ebenso ist die Harmonisierung und Vereinfachung von Nutzungsbedingungen anzustreben. Gleichzeitig sind alle Möglichkeiten auszuloten, um innerhalb des öffentlichen Bereichs (Landes- und Kommunalverwaltung) zu einem gebührenfreien, unbürokratischen Datenaustausch zu gelangen. Hierzu bedarf es gesetzlich verankerter Experimentierklauseln."

English translation:

R-3 experimentation clause 
in the context of the structure of the spatial data infrastructure in the State of Brandenburg are to be found user-oriented, internet friendly price models and co-operation forms.  Likewise the harmonization and simplification of use conditions are to be aimed at.  Simultaneously all possibilities are to be applied, in order to arrive within the public sphere (state and municipal administration) data to be exchanged  (here I think they mean free as in free beer not as free as in freedom ....) free of charge and an unbureaucratic access.  For this it requires legally embodied experimentation clauses. 

Within the local administration here in Frankfurt (Oder) there is some sense of providing our "already paid for public" information for free as in freedom .... It may still take some time to put into a city council resolution. Is there any other such initiatives in local adminstration out there? Maybe we could also get our mayors to sign the online petition but als to make some type of common positon with regard to "localy owned" spatial data to be signed by our mayors as well?

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