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Jo Walsh jo at frot.org
Wed Apr 19 17:36:59 UTC 2006

dear Benjamin, all,
On Wed, Apr 19, 2006 at 01:40:18PM +0200, Benjamin Henrion wrote:
> Can you post here your proposal for contacting signatories to get more
> testimonies?

It's included below; this is the same as I last posted with Rufus'
minor corrections. I've partly been holding back over wanting to
collect more national-level research, asking people to get in touch
with representatives locally, vs. just asking for testimonies; partly
because I'm in the wrong timezone + broken sleeping patterns so it's
never a good time of day (late morning/lunchtime) to email .eu people.

(...I appreciated the thread about global organising. But so far this is
about a very specific piece of European legislation. We can be sure
this will come to affect geodata collection and distribution in places
like the US, in the future. But that seems so remote to this; where's
the "you are here" moment that works for everybody?)
> If someone can move forward to make testimonies boxes like on
> http://www.economic-majority.com, that would be nice.
> I will try to work on it this afternoon.

That would be really great, you know my graphic design skills are,
well, just aren't.

latest wording:

Thanks so much for signing the Public Geodata petition in support of
open access to state-collected geographic information in Europe!

Over 3200 people have now signed in support, representing almost every
single European member state: http://petition.publicgeodata.org

To help convince our representatives of the need for open access to
state-collected geographic information in Europe, we're collecting
testimonials and statements of support from businesses and academics
who would benefit from open access to public geodata.

If you are able to speak for your business or research group,
Please consider sending us a testimonial! It can be as short as a
paragraph, and should describe:

 * Who you are
 * How large your business / research group is
 * How you would benefit particularly from open access to geodata

Please see http://publicgeodata.org/Testimonies for more details.
Email your testimonial to us, with an optional picture of yourself, to
testimony at publicgeodata.org


How else can you help?

* Tell your friends about http://petition.publicgeodata.org/
* Put a banner on your website: http://publicgeodata.org/Banners
* Contact your representatives: http://publicgeodata.org/ContactYourMEP


Reiterated apologies about the delay on this :/ Perhaps it's better if
I set up a script which you can run at a humane morning time...


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