[geo-discuss] contacts for national environment ministers

Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at ccgis.de
Mon Jun 26 11:51:11 UTC 2006

Mikel Maron wrote:
> That can be a fun challenge. I pulled out a couple email addresses from http://www.pops.int/documents/meetings/cop_1/meetingdocs/en/inf_32/inf_32.pdf 
> -mikel
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> Sent: Friday, June 23, 2006 9:39:45 AM
> Subject: [geo-discuss] contacts for national environment ministers
> http://publicgeodata.org/Contact_Your_Minister is replacing the old
> 'contact your environment department' page. Benjamin dug up a document
> which contained a list of all ministers attending a recent Council
> meeting which is now here http://tinyurl.com/eo3zm  and contains names 
> of all ministries though they are in English. The whole page I hope to
> fill out a bit better and float on the freegis list soon. 
> I spent a little while searching the web for contact details for some
> of them, in the languages i have half a hope of following. a lot of
> people have wikipedia pages which is great. If anyone feels like
> helping out with this for five minutes, digging out the contact pages
> and department homepages for different national environment
> ministries, that would be appreciated. The ease with which one can
> find a representative's details and contact them is a fun indicator of
> the health of a national democracy... ;)
> jo 

the German federal environmental portal uses standardized Open Source 
software to disseminates spatial data as WMS without access 
restrictions. It does not know a lot yet (there is little data in it) 
but it feels like going into the right direction ...or rather left 
direction? Whatever, its going somewhere and the people operating the 
site are interested in collaborating (sure - thats not the 
decision-makers but the doers but sometimes thats even better).


Hopefully we will be able to set up a library of freely available WMS at 
OSGeo.org soon as there are quite a lot out there but nobody knows about 

Regards, Arnulf.

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