[geo-discuss] INSPIRE adoption

Roger Longhorn ral at alum.mit.edu
Mon Jun 26 12:16:23 UTC 2006

For what it is worth, while at the 12th EC GI&GIS Workshop in Innsbruck 
last week, Peter Wicks of DG ENV, who was presented as looking after the 
"policy aspects" of INSPIRE, repeated more than once that "INSPIRE will 
be adopted in 2006.....under the conciliation procedure.....due to some 
'intelligent compromising' ..." one assumes on the side of the 
Commission in regard to its current public opposition to the wording of 
the Council vesion of the text. This was seen to be a 'good thing' by 
the majority of the 190+ attendees, which included most of the INSPIRE 
Expert Group (who met prior to the workshop for INSPIRE Drafting Team 
updates - no deliverables were forthcoming from the DTs, for which the 
work schedule is running "approximately 6 months behind schedule" 
according to the EC Consolidation Team spokesperson).


Roger Longhorn
ral at alum.mit.edu

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