[geo-discuss] draft of open letter to MEPs

Schuyler Erle schuyler at nocat.net
Mon Mar 13 10:51:38 UTC 2006

* On 13-Mar-2006 at  1:00AM PST, Rufus Pollock said:
> I agree that the para is weak and it also duplicates the previous one to 
> some extent (hence the 'could drop this para'). The one problem with the 
> substitution is that in the previous para we already have:
> 'This is an important issue as it is estimated that fully 80% of all 
> information collected by government has a spatial component and 
> geographic information is needed for environmental, census, and 
> transport purposes among many others.'
> I also would prefer to be more explicit about what 'effective use' 
> means. As it stands the statement is undoubtedly correct but doesn't 
> mean much since it is not clear what effective use entails. IMO 
> effective use is only possible under open access and we should make that 
> clear.

Okay, how about keeping the second para and adding something like 
"Public access to geodata is a key to creating more jobs, and hence,
more economic activity in Europe."

I think this is important :) and it will give the second para needed
'oomph'. I think if you take it out the Open Letter becomes shorter,
true, but also less compelling.


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