[geo-discuss] Website theme gone?

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Sun Aug 12 14:28:39 UTC 2007

Benjamin Henrion wrote:
> Hi,
> Where is the design of publicgeodata.org?
> I went back to the horrible moinmoin modern design.

I recently upgraded moinmoin on the server on which publicgeodata.org 
lives from v1.3 to v1.5. As this will have introduced a new moinmoin 
python package it will have removed all themes that were centrally 
installed. I've just symlinked the geo.py theme back into its central 
location and the theme seems to be working satisfactorily again.

> Would it be possible to have an archive of the website (before it
> disappears in the wild)?

The website is most definitely still there :) -- you just needed to 
re-enable the theme.

I also note that the DNS (am I right that you control this Benjamin) 
seems to be pointing www.publicgedoata.org at a different (and 
incorrect) machine. This should probably be reset to point at the same 
machine as publicgeodata.org.

> And get this list archives in gmane.org (before the archives also disappears)?

I don't think the list archives are going to disappear any time soon :) 
(and they are backed up) but it always good to have them mirrored elsewhere.



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