[geo-discuss] INSPIRE draft Metadata IRs - Italian translation reduced

Piergiorgio Cipriano pg.cipriano at gmail.com
Tue Feb 20 10:37:09 UTC 2007

Hi all,
for those italian speakers not listed on EGIP:
an abstract italian translation of draft Metadata Implementing Rules (pdf,
179Kb, 14 pages) is available at


Comments and revisions are welcome (discussione at freegis-italia.org -
registered users)


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For those in Italy / speaking Italian and not on EGIP this Italian
commented response to INSPIRE should be interesting if unseen:

So the vote is in STB on the 12th, then presumably we have an INSPIRE.

http://www.ec-gis.org/inspire/whatsnew.cfm#1590 details the public
consultation process on metadata implementing rules. Years ago, Markus
set up a Free and Open Source Geospatial Software SDIC through which
it is possible and desirable to channel a response. This closes in
late March.

contains more detail about what i am thinking for those interested in
helping to cocreate a response.

http://frot.org/devlog/2007/02/07/screen-strain/ explains in part why
i have been so offline recently. Editing wiki pages is about the worst
thing for my eyes. I suppose there are tricks one can play with 'lynx'
and 'vi'. It would be great to put some 'state of things' update on
the publicgeodata.org wiki and link to things like this Italian

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Subject: INSPIRE final ITA - reduced version with comments

Hi all,
a reduced version of the INSPIRE Italian text has been commented on

For those Italians interested ...


Document Archive - Section "SDI" (where you can download the commented text)


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