[humanities-dev] MIT HyperStudio's Annotation Studio featuring AnnotateIt

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Wed Apr 3 05:37:39 UTC 2013

I didn't see this mentioned previously in the list archive so I thought I'd
bring it to the group's attention. MIT apparently has a HyperStudio group
[1] that has built a tool quite similar to TEXTUS called Annotation Studio
[2]. They're borrowed code from AnnotateIt and some of their
changes/features are pretty neat. For instance, you can include image links
within an annotation as well as text and switch between personal, group,
and class sets of annotations within the sidebar.

Here's what they list as technologies that are part of the project:

   - All user and group management and document organization is built in
   Ruby on Rails
   - Annotation data is stored in the MongoDB database, via a REST API
   written in Node.js
   - The Annotator editor, built by the Open Knowledge Foundation in
   - The annotation environment uses Backbone.js to provide user data
   display and navigation
   - We use the Twitter Bootstrap and jQuery for user interface controls,
   layout and design.
   - Github and Heroku serve as platforms for collaboration and deployment.

I'm likely late to noticing the project, but thought I'd pass it along for
others who may have also missed it.


[1] http://hyperstudio.mit.edu/
[2] http://www.annotationstudio.org/

Tod Robbins
Digital Collections Librarian, MLIS
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