[iRail] Instant messaging system for train users.

Christophe Versieux christophe.versieux at gmail.com
Fri Aug 6 00:39:12 UTC 2010

Hello all!

I just wanted to speak about the instant messaging system in my Android 
application. I really would like to share it to other dev's (iPhone, web 
application, other..)

The system is really simple: people in my application, can, after 
selecting their train talk with other people traveling with them.
( picture here: 
and in attachment)

I also made a RSS feed of all comments and a twitter feed, feel free to 
have a look: http://twitter.com/betrains

I think that making this API open Source might be dangerous because of 
spam, but I can give the access to all dev's.
We can now imagine people with Android Phone talking with iPhone people 
in the same train and even with Laptop/Netbook users!

You may add this feed and the comments on each train on iRail, if you 
are interested, Yeri.

Yeri, Peter, can you talk about this on the API developper page, just to 
see if other people are interested?


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