[iRail] open transit feeds

Pieter Colpaert pieter.colpaert at gmail.com
Fri Aug 6 19:04:36 UTC 2010

On Fri, 2010-08-06 at 17:05 +0200, flo wrote:
> Hi Christophe, Hi irail-subscribers
> "having a full choice of application for each country would be a nice
> choice for the user better than one big software"
> very well said! it's all about choice :-)
> do I understand correctly: you are different transit app devellopers
> teaming up to establish some level of interoperability in this space?

Kind of yes.
http://lists.rootspirit.com/pipermail/irail/2010-August/000005.html →
Here you can read a concise summary. 

> This http://wiki.github.com/Tuinslak/iRail/api is a first proposal for
> a standard API?

It's how our API currently works. We should start a discussion on what
should be in the official international API specification and what
should not. Not everyone can get this data as easily.

> It already looks quite decent in my eyes :-) and I definitely support
> your ambitions!


> "We don't want to rewrite something that you might have already
> created... and would like to know a little bit about your project"
> nothing in this regard has been created around teleportr.org  so far
> as it is merely intended to become kind of a "mobility browser" that
> facilitates comparing and handling different modes of transportation
> via different external apps, websites or services. after clicking on a
> search result the user is taken somewhere else for details and
> proceeding. for example a webbrowser, a turn-by-turn navigation app, a
> ridesharing agency webwidget or a bike rental site.. one of the nice
> things in the android runtime is that "inter-app-mashability" of
> different (lously coupled, late runtime bound) "components" via
> intents and tasks. Thus like you said there is not one big app but
> rather many independent pieces that interoperate and work+play
> together. The current transit plugin is really just a placeholder. a
> simple regex on-device to get some links of websites for further
> information http://dev.c-base.org/teleportr/client/blobs/master/src/org/teleportr/plugin/BahnDePlugIn.java
> In the long term it is much more desired to integrate with real
> transit-apps. Plz feel free to scotty-subscribe at teleportr.org and
> discuss the intent api..
> Afaik "Öffi" (the defacto standard transit app in germany) from
> Andreas Schildbach (cc) does some server-side scraping with an api for
> the mobile app. Maybe you want to talk regarding standardization..

Yes indeed, thanks!


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