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Joris Timmerman joris.timmerman at gmail.com
Sat Aug 7 10:21:16 UTC 2010


So long as the API gets updated, I'm willing to keep this wrapper up to date. 
I agree with Yeri, I don't have a subscription for busses and the fact I hate busses, I always set the option on the nmbs website for trains only. 

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Op 7-aug.-2010 om 01:12 heeft Pieter Colpaert <pieter.colpaert at gmail.com> het volgende geschreven:

>> I explained the concept of an API to someone and used the iRail API as
>> an example.
>> I build a wrapper to explain how things work, and tonight I worked
>> that example out to a full wrapper of Pieter's API. 
>> (wrappers lower the the threshold for developers to use the API, I've
>> noticed this myself, especially in the Flash community, as an author
>> of a wrapper for Google's webservices, because there are a lot of
>> people with not much experience or not much time, and when offered a
>> wrapper, they're more eager to dig in).
>> The full source is (was) included as an attachment.
> Thanks, we will feature these wrappers on our website soon. Are you
> willing to keep it up to date?
>> On testing, I stumbled on something piculiar, one of the suggested
>> routes was a bus.
>> Feature or bug?
> Feature
>> Further I have a few (API-)feature requests
>>      * A way to find a station by an input, such as Google Suggest
>>        with a few limited results, for auto-completion for example.
>>        (indeed this can be done with the full list, but I was
>>        suggesting this to avoid traffic to download the full list)
> You should only download the entire list once, or include it in the
> application. When stations are added however, you might want to update
> this list. That's why this API function exists.
>>      * A stationslist ordered hierarchally, structered by zone (with
>>        a zone I mean a set of stations in one city). -> drop that,
>>        Pieter got a very good point
> Thanks ;-)
>>      * Possibllity to pass on to the API if the given date & time is
>>        arrival or departure time.
> Fixed and commited:
> http://github.com/Tuinslak/iRail/commit/5f462523119d8022083b4e710844f743ed99efd3
> should be on the http://dev.irail.be/api pretty soon now...
>>      * ADDED: Possibllity to pass on the means of travel in the API,
>>        (for example: trains only, trains and busses, ...) (I would
>>        suggest to use an index, for example: -1 is all, 0 is only
>>        trains,...)
> I don't like this idea. I think buses should be included if necessary
> (as is default). What do others think of this idea?
> Pieter
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